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Welcome To Thrillvania Haunted House Park! 4 Amazing Attractions Plus Special Events! Nearly 50 Haunted Acres! Open Rain or Shine!

Zombie APOC Army Coming This Summer at Thrillvania Haunted House Park!

Tickets Go On Sale Soon!

See www.thrillvania.com/apocalypse for details

headerImage md f21585Thrillvania Haunted House Park presents a tactical, live action, video game like zombie shooting experience, Zombie Apoc Army! You and your team will use state of the art weapons to clear apocalyptic and infested areas where the undead have invaded. You will need to navigate your way through on coming infectious zombies and make the right choices when encountering survivalists, are they friend or foe? The weapons you will be using are military grade training replicas. Their size, form, and function are similar to real world models. Pull the trigger for a live bang, recoil, and muzzle flash.

The zombies will be wearing cutting – edge head shot targets that will flash to indicate a hit. Beware! Some zombies may need to be hit more than once to be killed. Don’t forget to aim for the head.

Wearing your end of the world clothing and gear is encouraged as is listening closely to your orders; your survival may depend on it. You will be immersed in an apocalyptic nightmare world where survival is your only goal. Reservations are required. This event is expected to sell out.


For more information go to: www.thrillvania.com/apocalypse

Legend has it that Verdun Manor is haunted. And you know what they say..... a house cannot be haunted unless it has a history. And this haunted house definitely has a history! In 1901, Baron Michael Verdun, a psychopathic werewolf, built a grotesque house on Voodoo Bayou. Deep within the recesses of his manor, he conducted cruel experiments on travelers, turning them into human-animal hybrids. It is said Baron Verdun and his creatures still haunt the rotted mansion and overgrown cemetery. Are you brave enough to enter Verdun Manor?

Lady Cassandra has been hounding the clowns to pick up their mess at the Labyrinth and tidy up the place. They finally did. Learn what twisted and ghastly things the clowns have to show you.

Eager to assist Baron Verdun with his unspeakable experiments on innocent travelers passing by the old plantation, the eminent Sam Hain, a one time psychologist said to have gone mad once bitten by Lady Cassandra, has brought his own psychic madness to life.

Housed in a Victorian building on the top of a hill, Thorn Hall is a chilling experience in sensory overload. This developing attraction plays with your senses by removing one constant, light.