What To Wear On A Date To Thrillvania Haunted House

What To Wear On A Date To Thrillvania Haunted House

what to wear

It’s an important question, to be sure: What should you wear when your date wants to take you to a haunted house? You want to look your best, after all, especially if this is a first date or someone you’re really trying to impress. But trust us – leave the stilettos at home, unless of course… you have a death wish.

Wear comfortable walking shoes: Yeah, those 8-inch platforms look ultra-sexy, but they’ll also make you look like a laughingstock when you fall on your tookas in front of everybody. Keep in mind you’re going to be covering some pretty treacherous terrain. No guy wants to have to carry his date through a haunted house – no matter how good you look.

Wear something washable: Remember, we’re going to be trying our darndest to scare the living daylights out of you. At some point you’re likely to jump, take off running and flee right into the arms of one of our actors who’s covered with fake blood and grease paint. You definitely don’t want that dry cleaning bill.

Wear dark clothing: For that same reason, you might want to wear dark clothing so the blood and make-up doesn’t show up so much – especially if you and your date are going somewhere brightly-lit and public after you leave the haunted house.

Wear something warm, yet open: During peak times you may have to stand outside in line for a while so wear something appropriate for the weather. On the other hand, once you move inside the attraction it’s going to be warmer. So wear something with a zipper or buttons that you can open and close when needed. Don’t worry. Our “monsters” aren’t looking for something they can grab on to. We just want you to be comfortable so you can enjoy the whole park.

Don’t wear a costume: A little bit of makeup or glitter is fine, or even a silly mask. After all, it IS Halloween. But save the really gruesome, full-body costume stuff for later. Our actors might think you’re just one of them and ignore you, and what fun would that be?

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