Brain Dead and Out Of Time? Try These Pun-ny Halloween Costume Ideas

Brain Dead and Out Of Time? Try These Pun-ny Halloween Costume Ideas


It happens. At the last minute your friends call to invite you to haunted house party. There’s no way you’d miss it but it’s too late to buy a costume and you’re fresh out of ideas. Don’t worry… maybe we can help!

Grab an old t-shirt, a dozen or so miniature boxes of cereal and a few steak knives (preferably dull!). Pierce the cereal boxes with the knives, leaving a few knives stuck in the boxes. Then glue the boxes all over your t-shirt. Voila! You’re a “cereal” killer.

Dress in your favorite all-pink pjs and attach a small child’s chair to the top of your head, with the underside of the seat resting on your head. You’re a wad of bubblegum under the chair.

Got an empty shoebox lying around? Paint it black, staple or glue it to the back of your shirt and you’re a refrigerator magnet.

Wear all-black clothing, paint your face white and go as a mime.

Carry a quarter and a hammer around in your hand. When someone asks what you are, drop the quarter on the nearest table and give it a solid whack with the hammer – You’re a “quarter pounder!”

Throw on your favorite slip or slip-dress and tape the word Freud to your chest. You’re a “Freudian Slip.”

Grab up that old silver serving platter, draw a face on it, write “In God We Trust” around the edge, and tape it to your back. You’re a “quarterback.”

Write the words “Go Ceilings” on an old t-shirt and go as a “ceiling fan.”

Dress all in black, tie a shot glass around your neck and go as a “shot in the dark.”

We could come up with an endless supply of Halloween costume ideas that are “pun-ny” but we’re busy working on the show for Thrillvania Haunted House in Dallas. Feel free, though, to carry on in the comments below. We’d love to hear what you’ve come up with!

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