Don’t Believe These Top 3 Myths About Haunted Houses

Don’t Believe These Top 3 Myths About Haunted Houses

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We all have a certain image in our mind when someone mentions haunted houses. We picture large, dilapidated homes with paint peeling and porches rotting away. We imagine there must be footsteps on the stairway and rapping from inside the walls, screeching up in the attic, and all of this takes place in the middle of the night. But the simple truth is this: Any house can be haunted, any hour of the day or night. Maybe even yours.

Hauntings In Old Homes vs. New Homes

While it’s true that hauntings seem to occur most often in older homes, it’s only because those homes have been around long enough for some type of tragedy to have occurred. And if not the house itself, then the property upon which it stands. Perhaps, long ago, the land the house now sits on was the site of a major battle. Perhaps, long ago, someone inside the home passed quietly away and left some unfinished business.

Conversely, many people just assume every old home is haunted because, if the home is 100 years old, there’s a good chance someone has died in it at some point during its existence. And if someone dies in a home, surely their spirit sticks around to haunt the place. If that were the case, given the number of old houses scattered throughout the world, the netherworld must be very crowded, indeed.

It’s quite possible for a new house to be haunted. It may have been built on the site of a tragedy. Someone who worked on constructing the house may have died from a tragic accident. Or maybe the ghost moved in, right along with the new owners, following them from their previous abode.

So never assume that only old, run-down houses are haunted and never assume you’re safe from hauntings simply because you’ve moved into a new house.

Ghosts Only Come Out At Night

It’s always nighttime when the ghosts come out to play in the horror movies, and when you watch those paranormal investigators on TV they always wait until midnight to set up their equipment. But ghosts “live” on a different plane of existence. To them, Time has no meaning and they certainly don’t punch a time clock.

If there’s a ghost in your house at midnight you can rest assured – or maybe you can’t – that he’ll be there in the morning and in the afternoon, too. During the daylight hours, though, you’re busy. You’re at work, you’re running errands, you’re cooking or cleaning or watching TV. There’s activity and noise in the house that covers up those ghostly creeks and groans so you don’t notice. You’re bustling around and you don’t notice those cold spots when you pass through them on your way to the den.

But then the lights go out and everyone settles down for the evening. That’s when you notice the chill. That’s when you hear the creak on the step. And that’s why you think you’re safe in your house during the day. Because the ghosts only come out at night, right?

Haunted Houses Can Be “Cleared”

Remember the scene in “Poltergeist” where Tangina said, “This house is cleeeeeaaan.” Well, it wasn’t, was it? The poltergeist was still there. In fact, it followed the family to their new home in the sequal.

It’s true that some ghosts just need someone to help them find their way to the next world, and if this is the type of ghost who’s haunting your home you’re lucky. Help him find his way and you’ll be rid of him forever.

However, not all ghosts want to be “sent on.” Some want to stay here forever – or at least until they’ve exacted their revenge. There is no magical formula that forces a ghost to move on, no incantation or spell, and a ghost certainly isn’t afraid of the smell of burning sage.

If you have a stubborn ghost in your house then maybe it’s time to change your address. After all, he was there first. And, like you, he’ll leave when he’s darn good and ready.

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