13 Signs You’re Living In A Haunted House

13 Signs You’re Living In A Haunted House

Welcome To Verdun Manor

Welcome To Verdun Manor

Footsteps on the stairs at night, cupboard doors that seem to open and close on their own, a tap on the shoulder, a cool poof of air. These things happen all the time here at Thrillvania. On their own, they seem like normal events. In fact, we’ve all had one or two occasions to laugh off similar happenings.

It’s the wind. It’s air in the pipes. It’s the neighbors fighting again. So how do you know if you’re living in a real haunted house?

13 Signs you live in a haunted house:

Unexplained noises – Do you hear footsteps, knocking, rapping, banging, or scratching? Does it sound like something is being dropped but you don’t see anything fall? It could be air in the pipes, uneven floors, or a bat in the attic. But it could also be a ghost.

Objects disappear and reappear – Are you absolutely sure you left your keys on the hall table? And now they’re nowhere to be found? And then they turn up in exactly the same spot you left them in in the morning?

Lights turning on and off – You’ll rarely see the lights turning on and off but you’re sure you turned the lights off when you left the room… and now they’re on again… and nobody’s been in there since you left.

Doors, cupboards and cabinets open and close – Again, you’ll rarely witness this event because it happens while your back’s turned or you’re out of the room. Just like the lights. You know you closed that cupboard, but there it is open again.

Odd shadows – Do you frequently see shadows out of the corner of your eye? If so, your house may be haunted.

Strange animal behavior – Animals are particularly sensitive to unseen visitors. If your pets are acting strangely, perhaps more aggressive than usual or cowering in the corner when they’ve never done that before, you may be living in a haunted house.

Cold spots – Drafts are one thing, but walking through a cold spot in a toasty, warm room – repeatedly – is quite another.

Feeling you’re being watched – Do you frequently feel like somebody’s watching you? Maybe they are.

Feeling you’re being touched – Some people feel just a passing breeze. Others feel a gentle tap or touch. Still others feel a sharp poke or jab. Cobwebs? Maybe. But not if it’s happening all the time.

Cries, whispers, talking – It’s not easy for spirits to communicate from beyond so you’ll rarely hear a distinct conversation. But listen for whispers, a muffled word or two, or you may hear someone saying your name.

Strange smells – Some people report smelling sulfur, but most recognize a perfume or cologne that they don’t have in their house. Some also report the smell of roses.

Moving or levitating objects – Lamps crashing to the floor, candlesticks or dinner plates rising above the table. Objects moving without anyone around is a clear indication you’re living in a haunted house.

Other unexplained evidence – Strange writing on the wall, handprints on mirrors, footprints in the
freshly vacuumed carpet – these are all evidence that you’re sharing your house with a ghost.

And then, of course, there’s the most obvious of way of all to tell you’re living in a haunted house…

Apparitions – It’s very rare to see an actual apparition. Ghosts generally make their presence known using some of the above tricks. Watch for human-shaped mists or mist that’s forming into some definite but indistinguishable shape. You may also see human forms that look real enough but disappear quickly into a wall or fade into the carpet. When you see apparitions it’s a sure sign you’re living in a haunted house.

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