Creepy Mirrors: Who’s That Looking Out At You?

Creepy Mirrors: Who’s That Looking Out At You?


There isn’t a haunted house worth its salt that doesn’t have at least one creepy mirror hanging over the mantel, on the parlor wall or over the sink in the bathroom. At Thrillvania Haunted House Park we know it’s all about the lighting, but still, there’s always that creeping little niggle down your spine that tells you something’s just not right…

Mirrors have a strange effect on people. Some can stand and gaze at their own reflection for hours and never bat an eye while others, well… let’s just say they’d rather not. Some people won’t even look in a mirror unless all the lights are on, and even then they’ll lift their eyes slowly, sneaking a peek, just in case the face looking back isn’t their own.

If you’ve ever attended a slumber party or camping trip then you’ve probably heard of Mary Worth, a witch who can be summoned by reciting her name 13 times while gazing into a mirror in a dark room. But watch out! When she appears she’ll jump from the mirror and scratch your eyes out.

And then there’s The Candyman. A crazy psychopath, The Candyman can also be summoned through a mirror but you need only recite his name three times. When The Candyman emerges from the mirror he kills his victims with his hook. Let’s try it, shall we? Candyman, Candyman, Candym… Well, maybe we shouldn’t press our luck.

The Wicked Witch had a magical mirror inhabited by a spirit. Dorothy stepped through the looking glass into a world filled with flying monkeys and Munchkins. “There are more worlds than these,” said Stephen King, and many are on the other side of the mirror, inhabited by who knows what kind of creatures.

The next time you have to make that trek to the bathroom in the middle of the night, remember this: In most cases it’s simply a trick of the light like we use here at Thrillvania Haunted House Park that makes it seem as if the Boogieman himself is gazing back at you from that silvery, slithery surface. But sometimes it’s not.

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