Snuffers: The Most Haunted Restaurant In DFW

Snuffers: The Most Haunted Restaurant In DFW


In an earlier article we suggested that you and your friends might like to visit a warm, welcoming restaurant after your visit to Thrillvania Haunted House Park, something to sort of lighten the mood and help you forget about all the gruesome sights you’ve just seen. If that’s the case, we suggest you stay as far away from Snuffers as possible, regardless of how many great things you’ve heard about the place. Snuffers has rightfully earned the reputation of being the most haunted restaurant in DFW.

Snuffers, located on Preston Rd. in Dallas, Texas, has an excellent menu, including award-winning cheese fries and icy-cold beer. It’s one of those places you’d might imagine Ross and Rachael, Phoebe and Chandler, and Joey and Monica all hanging out in but looks can be deceiving.

The restaurant has been investigated several times. Jenny Snyder of the Dallas Area Paranormal Society says the building is definitely haunted and the owner, Pat Snuffer, says he won’t even go into the place if he’s alone.

Employees report frequent cold spots and often feel like someone’s tapped them on the shoulder or brushed against their arm. Back in the day, when smoking inside restaurants was still allowed, the ghost would play games with the bartender’s cigarette, flipping it around in the ashtray when he turned his back to wait on a customer.

Even customers have strange experiences inside Snuffers. Cellphones and cameras that were working fine just a moment ago suddenly go all wonky when you enter the restaurant. Temperatures drop suddenly, pendulum lights sway for no reason and people hear footsteps, creaking doors and children’s voices coming from the walls.

So far the ghosts that haunt Snuffers appear to be friendly pranksters, just out for a little fun. No one’s ever been hurt, just mildly frightened. But no one knows for sure who the ghost is. One theory has it that Snuffer’s is haunted by a man who was stabbed there decades ago and died in the doorway to the men’s restroom. Another says that Snuffer’s is built over top of an ancient Indian burial ground.

Either way, we’re pretty sure it’s not the best location for your after-Thrillvania party. The last thing you want to do when you leave Verdun Manor is hob-nob with more ghosts!

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