Halloween Superstitions From Around The World

Halloween Superstitions From Around The World


We’ve seen our fair share of black cats and creepy bats here at Thrillvania Haunted House Park and we don’t bat an eye. We don’t fear the number 13 but we do sheepishly admit that we make sure to never step on cracks or handle mirrors after we’ve just finished eating buttered popcorn. What about you? Everybody’s a little superstitious about something?

For example, in Wales they have the belief that you’ll die within the next year if you hear a sigh carried by the wind which blows over the feat of a dead man on Halloween night.

Want to know who’s going to die during the next year? In Scotland they say you can sit on a three-legged stool at a crossroads, listen to the church clock strike midnight on All Hallow’s Eve, and you’ll hear the names of everyone who’s going to die over the next 12 months.

In England they believe you’re guaranteeing your own death if you looked at your shadow in the moonlight on All Hallow’s Eve. In England they also avoid hunting on Halloween for fear they’ll accidentally shoot some wandering spirit.

The Europeans who settled in America believed that a child born on Halloween was guaranteed protection against evil spirits for his entire life. He would also be gifted with second sight.

In medieval times, Europeans weren’t big fans of either bats or spiders. They believed that if you saw a bat circle your house three times it meant someone in your home would die soon, and if a bat flew into your house it meant your house was haunted. If a spider fell into the flame of a lamp and burned that meant witches were nearby, and if you see a spider on Halloween it means the ghost of one of your loved ones is watching over you.

Want to know your own future? Those same Europeans believed you could listen to the wind at a crossroads on Halloween night and learn all the significant events that were going to happen to you over the next 12 months.

And finally, in medieval times they believed that the ringing of chimes or bells would frighten away evil spirits. So turn on your porch light and welcome those Trick-or-Treaters. Every time they ring your doorbell they’re chasing another evil spirit away from your house.

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