Thrillvania One of DFW’s Top 4 Haunted Houses

Thrillvania One of DFW’s Top 4 Haunted Houses

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Once again, Thrillvania Haunted House Park was rated one of the Top 4 “Must See” Haunted Houses in Texas by and it’s easy to see why. Covering almost 50 haunted acres and housing four thrilling haunted attractions, visitors are treated to an endless nightmare of spine tingling terror as they make their way through the park.

While Thrillvania shares Top Honors with Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, House of Torment in Austin, and Nightmare on the Bayou in Houston, it has the distinct advantage of being the only DFW area haunted house with long-term permanent residents and an atmosphere so dark and twisted it’s been forever stricken from history books.

Verdun Manor, the first of Thrillvania’s four main attractions, was built in 1901 by Baron Michael Verdun, a psychopathic werewolf. Deep within the bowels of this malevolent monstrosity, the Baron conducted twisted experiments, capturing unsuspecting tourists and turning them into grotesque human-animal hybrids. Prepare yourself before entering the Manor. His creatures cry out in pain and agony and they’re not fond of visitors at all.

The Baron’s wife, Lady Cassandra, has her own twisted past. One of The Undead, the Vampire Cassandra enjoyed entertaining and she and the Baron frequently toasted their guests with goblets of human blood. Over the years she’s become Master of a mob of psychotic Clowns who carry out her evil deeds while terrifying visitors at Thrillvania.

In the process of clearing Cassandra’s Labyrinth her minion Clowns, driven even more insane by one of the Baron’s evil experiments, managed to open up new dimensions, seemingly twisting space and time out of all proportions.

And if that’s not enough of a guest list, there’s Sam Hain, once a commoner but rendered delusional and psychotic after being bitten by Lady Cassandra. Few tourists complete his twisted Trail of Torment with their own sanity still intact.

And finally, you’ll enter Thorn Hall, an abandoned church that houses the horrifying experiments of Mortimer Thorn, the sinister caretaker of Verdun Manor. What evil awaits inside this unholy architecture?

Visit Thrillvania Haunted House Park yourself – if you’re brave enough – and you’ll soon see why it’s ranked among the Top 4 “Must See” Haunted Houses in Texas. Be careful, though. With 50 acres and four attractions it’s almost impossible to get out alive.

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