Party Game: Tempt Your Fate

Party Game: Tempt Your Fate



Sometimes, terrible things can happen when you tempt Fate.  Just watch any horror movie and you’ll see some idiot go down into the basement without a flashlight or wander off the trail on the camping trip and what happens?  They end up DEAD! ..sigh.. Sometimes Fate can be so cruel…  But what’s a party without a little risk?  It’s time your guests tempted their Fate.


What You’ll Need





Small prizes for Good Fates

Bad Fates


Inside some of the balloons place a small prize or a ribbon or piece of paper that indicates they’ve won a prize, and then either blow up the balloon or fill it with helium, depending on how you want to work them into your party décor.


Do the same with the other balloons but fill them with “Bad Fates.”  The “Bad Fates” can be anything, depending on what’s appropriate for your guests.  Have them drink a foul-tasting cocktail or eat a serving of “brains” or dip their hand into a cauldron of “worms and eyeballs.”  If it’s an adult party your “Fates” can be more risky… or risque.


Make It Mandatory or Let Your Guests Decide Their Fate


If you’re looking for a party game that involves all your guests, then gather everyone around and make them choose a balloon, one at a time, while everyone else looks on.  Watch the suspense build as one guest wins a prize and the next has to face their Fate.


Every party has at least one guest who arrives late.  Make every guest who doesn’t arrive on time Tempt their Fate.  Or, make it mandatory for every guest who wears a goofy sweater, or comes in all “Twilight” glittery  or wearing funny hat…you get the picture.


Or, let your guests decide their own Fate.  Fill the balloons with helium and use them as part of your decoration.  Tell everybody what the balloons are for and eventually, some brave soul will pop the first balloon.  After that, as the party goes on, more and more will step up to see what Fate has in store for them.

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