What is the Witching Hour?

What is the Witching Hour?

The Witching HourEver wonder why ghosts and spirits, demons and other assorted visitors from the other side are always more active at night? Are witches really more powerful after the sun goes down? Are all the beings on the other side nocturnal or do they just prefer the cover of darkness while they’re committing their evil deeds?

In early times, according to Catholic tradition, the Witching Hour was thought to be 3 am, a mockery of The Holy Trinity. Wicca tradition also holds the hour of 3 am because of it’s relationship to The Threefold Law : That which you send out into the Universe will be returned to you threefold.

In modern times the Witching Hour is simply the middle of the night. It varies from season to season but generally occurs around 2 or 3 am. It’s at this time that the veil between this world and the spirit world is at its thinnest and all sorts of entities – both good and evil – are able to pass through from side to side.

Your brain also acts as a defensive veil that impedes contact from the Other Side. It’s much easier to explain away unexplainable events while the sun’s shining but, in the middle of the night when it’s dark and you’re tired it’s easier for you to believe there’s someone sitting on the end of your bed… watching and waiting for you to wake up.

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