How To Host a Safe Seance

How To Host a Safe Seance

How to Host a Safe Seance

After viewing the horrors of Granny Lupus’ Seance Theater you might wonder why anyone in their right mind would want to participate in a séance. Thankfully, not everyone who communicates with the Dead is a screeching hag, and not all the Dead who answer are benevolent entities.

A séance can actually be quite a pleasant experience…when conducted properly. The secret to a safe séance is all in who you invite and how you set the mood.

Your Guests

There’s no particular number of guests you should have around your séance table but only invite as many as you can comfortably seat. If everyone’s all crowded in together they’ll be too uncomfortable to concentrate. Having too many people in a small room may also deter some of the kind spirits you want to contact and attract those spirits who like to work their mischief in front of large audiences.

It’s also important to keep non-believers out of the mix. Their negative attitude will make it difficult for your other guests to focus. More important, the negative energy emitted by non-believers may make it difficult for some weaker spirits to come through and may even attract benevolent spirits.

Your Setting

There are those who believe that a dark room with heavy draperies, a big, round table and a black tablecloth will be more attractive to the spirits. Some also believe that a dark room will attract evil spirits while a lighter décor attracts gentler spirits. Obviously, at Thrillvania we’ll take the Bad Guys over the Good any time but you might think otherwise.


How to Host a Safe Seance



The truth is, you don’t need heavy drapes and eerie lighting.  You don’t even need a table and  it’s not the color scheme that matters to the spirits, it’s the energy in the room. Lots of positive energy makes it easier for kinder, gentler spirits to come through while an abundance of negative energy makes your seance attractive to evil spirits who not only already have the strength to come through, they can put your guests in mortal danger.

Surrounding your table – however it’s decorated – with positive guests goes a long way toward ensuring a safe séance. But here are three more things you can do to protect yourself and your guests:

Cleanse the room

Smudge your séance room with sage before your guests arrive. This will cleanse the room of any lingering negative energy.

Use candles

Spirits are attracted to energy, in particular light and heat. Place plenty of white candles, for peace and purity, around the room to attract peaceful spirits. While it’s not necessary, having one blue candle in the room will help ensure your safety.

Mind your manners

It’s extremely difficult for spirits to cross over and communicate with the Living so treat them with the respect they deserve when they make an appearance at your séance. Invite them to attend, don’t demand it. Remember to say “Please” and “Thank you.” Don’t shout or curse at them. Always remember that Evil spirits sometimes masquerade as Good. Don’t make Aunt Tilly angry or she might just show her true colors.

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