Beware The 13th Floor Of This Legendary Haunted House!

Beware The 13th Floor Of This Legendary Haunted House!

the 13th floor


Let’s face it, Thrillvania Haunted House Park in Dallas is one of the scariest places on Earth but you always have the option of escaping the terror via one of our emergency exits. But what about that elusive 13-story haunted house you’ve heard so much about? The one where no one makes it out alive.

Every city purportedly has one, a haunted house so scary that nobody’s ever managed to make it to the 13th floor or the 5th floor or the attic. It may be an old, abandoned hospital or insane asylum, or a decrepit hotel or apartment building, but the legends are all the same: Visitors seldom make it all the way to the end and if they do they’re never heard from again.

But does this mythical 13-story haunted house actually exist? And if so, where is it located? And has anyone actually made it to the 13th floor and vanished from the face of the Earth?

Of course, the very idea that you’ll be scared to death before you make it to the 13th floor is enough to, well, scare you to death before you reach the 13th floor. And if you never reach the 13th floor, how do you know you’re in the right house?

The thought that if you do make it you’ll never get out alive is rather off-putting, too, so most people couldn’t care less where this legendary building might be located.

And, the very fact that anyone who’s ever made it to the 13th floor has vanished makes it that much more difficult to prove the existence of this fabled haunted house. There are no living witnesses to pass along its location.

But, to a haunted house enthusiast, these points only add fuel to the internal fire that drives them to search from one corner of the country to the other for this elusive 13-story haunt extravaganza. Is it in Ohio? Michigan? Maybe Tennessee? North Carolina?

We believe the legend of this elusive haunted house is simply that – a legend. A legend that originated right here at Thrillvania at 2330 County Road 138, in Terrell, Texas, when our earliest visitors found our attractions so terrifying they had to make use of one of our emergency exits.

Over the years, the legend has grown to include myths and superstitions, as most legends do, but the fact still remains: Our guests rarely make it to the end of our attractions before they run screaming for the exit. And if they do make it to the end, well, we’ll let them tell you all about it… if they come back out.

This year, in honor of the killer 13th floor, we’ll be celebrating Friday the 13th in grand style. Why not join us for the terror-filled Friday the 13th Event at Cutting Edge Haunted Park? While we can’t promise you’ll make it out alive, we do guarantee you’ll have a frightfully happy Friday the 13th.

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