13 Things You Should Not Do On Friday the 13th

13 Things You Should Not Do On Friday the 13th

13 things you should not do on Friday the 13th


At Thrillvania Haunted House in Dallas we’re not ashamed to admit that we, too, as brave as we are, take certain precautions on Friday the 13th. Silly things, like spitting into the wind or crossing paths with a black cat, may or may not bring you bad luck any other day of the year but on Friday the 13th they’re guaranteed to bring you bad luck in spades.  We’ve already told you what you should do on Friday the 13th, now we’re going to tell you what you should avoid.

Don’t go near uncovered mirrors

Everyone knows you’ll have 7 years of bad luck if you break a mirror but did you also know that many people will cover their mirrors on Friday the 13th if they are sick or dying, fearing that if they don’t they’ll see the face of Death in the mirror when they pass by.

Don’t yawn

In ancient times they believed that the Devil made people yawn so he could gain entry into their body and take possession of their soul. If you must yawn remember to cover your mouth to keep the rascal out.

Don’t be the 13th dinner guest

When you’re the “fifth wheel” at a dinner party you simply feel uncomfortable and out-of-place. When you’re the 13th dinner guest, that’s another story. Look at what happened to Judas and Jesus when after the 13 guests shared The Last Supper.

Don’t walk under a ladder

Because the typical ladder has 3 points, early Christians believed that walking under a ladder expressed your disbelief in the Holy Trinity and put you in league with the devil. Perhaps the best reason to avoid walking under a ladder on any day of the year is because you never know what might fall on your head!

Don’t save someone who’s drowning

Ancient mariners believed that it was bad luck to save someone who was drowning. They looked upon the sea as a sacred being or a god who demanded a certain number of bodies every year. Pulling a drowning person out of the god’s grasp meant certain death for the savior.

Bad luck on Friday the 13thDon’t go looking for spiders

On any other day, if you find a spider in the morning you’re going to have bad luck the rest of the day. Multiply that bad luck by 10 if you find that eight-legged creepy-crawlie on Friday the 13th.

Don’t use salt

Spilled salt at lunchtime brings bad luck by dinner which you can easily ward off by tossing a pinch of salt over your right shoulder… unless it’s Friday the 13th., of course. Why tempt fate? Stay away from the popcorn today.

Don’t go on a first date

A medieval superstition holds that any romance begun on a Friday is doomed. If you’re already in a relationship, you’re safe. But if there’s a possibility that Friday the 13th might be “The Night”, cancel that date and wait until Saturday.

Don’t open an umbrella indoors

My grandmother used to say if you opened an umbrella indoors it would shower you with bad luck, but wouldn’t that be true, then, no matter where you opened it? As far as I can see the only “bad luck” I’ve experienced is getting my open umbrella stuck in the doorway and ripping it to shreds, but why push your luck?

Keep your feet off the table

While it’s bad luck to put your feet on any table, shod or not, because your grandmother will probably whack you with her knitting needles, it’s especially bad luck to put your shoes on a table, whether your feet are in them or not.

Don’t burn your eggshells

Another ancient superstition, it was thought that burning your eggshells would singe the feathers of the hen that laid the eggs. She would then become so angry she’d never lay eggs again. Don’t have any chickens? Don’t tempt Fate. Remember, the fate of your eggs is in the hands of the bag-boy at the grocery store.

Don’t use knives or forks

Crossing your knife and fork on the dinner table is considered bad manners but it’s also said to bring bad luck. A crossed knife and fork symbolizes hard times ahead. It’s also bad luck to present a knife as a gift to someone. If your friend would love a Swiss Army Knife for his birthday, ask him for a penny, just to be on the safe side.

Don’t name that fish

Another ancient mariner superstition deals with what you can call the Fish That Shall Not Be Named. You can call it “the beast,” or “the red fish.” You can call it “the foul fish” or simply “the fish.” But, unless you want to suffer irreversible, horrible bad luck, you may never call it a salmon.

Want to have some fun on Friday the 13th? Join us as and we’ll all temp Fate together at Cutting Edge Haunted Park for their Friday the 13th Event. And don’t forget – mark your calendar now and start making plans to bring the gang out to Thrillvania at 2330 County Road 138, in Terrell, Texas for the best Halloween celebration.

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