Friday the 13th and a Full Moon, too: It’s too horrible to imagine!

Friday the 13th and a Full Moon, too: It’s too horrible to imagine!

Full Moon Friday the 13th


We tend to let our imaginations run wild when we’re planning new haunts here at Thrillvania Haunted House Park but even we can’t quite wrap our minds around the fact that this week we’re going to experience Friday the 13th and a full moon all on the same night. Imagine the possibilities!

This Friday will be the only Friday the 13th in 2014. It also happens to be the first time since October 13, 2000 that a full moon has held reign in the sky on Friday the 13th and it won’t happen again until October 13, 2019.

We’re in for a rare treat this Friday, that’s for sure. Bad luck and weird energy will be coursing through the atmosphere for a full 24 hours. Anything might happen.



Werewolves notoriously stalk their prey by the light of the full moon. But what happens when the full moon falls on Friday the 13th? Who experiences the worst of the heightened bad luck? Does the werewolf trip over a sidewalk crack, thus missing his mark and his monthly feast? Or does his prey, who’s already had the bad luck to become the werewolf’s next target, trip over that same crack and break his mother’s back before he becomes the werewolf’s next meal?

Jason VoorheesAnd what about Jason Voohees? Jason will forever be associated with Friday the 13th, but what happens to him by the light of the full moon? Does he become even more deranged, killing not only sex-crazed, beer-soaked teenaged campers but innocent movie-goers and their lusty dates, too?

And what if the two were to meet? Imagine Jason and The Werewolf going head-to-head by the light of the full moon on Friday the 13th. Who would survive? And who would really be the unluckiest that day – Jason, the Werewolf or YOU!

We’re going to pull out all the stops this Friday the 13th and tempt Fate as we party under the full moon at the Friday the 13th Event at Cutting Edge Haunted Park. Join us if you dare, and if you don’t we’ll see you this fall at Thrillvania Haunted House Park at 2330 County Road 138, in Terrell, Texas.

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