Can you really talk to the dead?

Can you really talk to the dead?

How to Host a Safe Seance


Have you ever been to a séance? Where groups of people try to communicate with the dead. Or are they the undead? Are these immortal spirits in limbo, destined to be in between two worlds–living and dead?


Séances are genuine and speaking to the undead is real, no matter what others may say. There have been accounts of them as early as the 16th century, and unexplained events have shown that there really is a line of communication from those who are living are those who are not…from both directions. The living reach out to the dead, the undead reach out to the living.


Still. Some wonder, can you actually speak the dead? It seems that many people believe they’ve spoken to those who have passed on, communicated to those beyond the grave. Even if it’s not actually speaking, the undead have given signs to their loved ones–or even strangers. Apparitions, sounds of knocking, cold breezes–sometimes the living dead let their presence be known in different ways.


When you have an séance, a medium is usually involved to contact the spirits, and séances are especially powerful in the presence of a medium. A medium–being a person who seems to have a unique and direct connection to the dead. The mediums’ minds are open to the voices they hear from the beyond. That’s not to say a loved one who has passed on will try to give signs to those that were close to them. Or those who are even just physically close to them. Séances have conjured up spirits just from physical locations–with no personal connection to the people involved.


To those that ask for indications that the dead want to reach out to them at an séance, that’s not to say they are still trying to communicate with living souls. They may have passed, but they still want to speak to those that are alive–something about their life, something about the connection they had with the living, something that haunts them that they never said or revealed. Possibly there’s unfinished words, unfinished business–the afterlife allows them to complete what they needed to say. Who can say what the dead might want to communicate to their living friends and family? It may be one last chance to say something that was very meaningful.

We here at Thrillvania Haunted House Park are not sure if it is possible to talk to the dead or undead, but we have witnessed spirits roaming the grounds from time to time. Come visit Thrillvania and find out for yourself. Thrillvania will open its doors Saturday September 27, 2014 at 8:00pm 2330 County Road 138, Terrell, Tx 75161

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