Tips to save yourself in a horror movie

Tips to save yourself in a horror movie


Want to stay alive if you find yourself in a horror move? Check out these tips.

Don’t leave your group of friends. There’s safety in numbers, and the person that goes to “check out that creepy sound” always gets killed. And don’t make fun of your friends when they get creeped out by that sound.

If you are alone, and you think you’ve killed the monster or murderer, you probably haven’t, no matter how many times you’ve shot or stabbed him. Don’t assume–just run away. If you’re female, just know that you will fall down once or twice when you’re running, but hopefully you’ve got enough of a head start

Do not run upstairs to get away. Upstairs isn’t going to save you. Better to run out of the house than have to jump out of the second-story window. Likewise, don’t lock yourself in the bathroom or put a heavy piece of furniture in front of the door where you’ve decided to hide.

Let’s hope you never have to use these tips! Be careful out there.

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