Evil Clowns!

Evil Clowns!


Clowns are happy, zany and funny, right? Everyone loves clowns–or do they? Doesn’t it seem that most clowns are just a little too cheerful? Lots of people have this eerie feeling that clowns aren’t really as happy as they seem. Sad clowns are almost as frightening, but it’s the hyper, happy clowns that appear really unhinged!

What is it that’s so scary about clowns? Even the “good” clowns seem…a little strange. Those maniacal smiles and painted faces seem to mask something ominous and chilling. Are they harboring some dark secret, trying to hide it with their disguise?

If you’re one of those people that are afraid of clowns, you’re not alone. There’s a name for the fear of clowns–coulrophobia. If you find yourself feeling a little (or a lot) nervous around clowns, you might be suffering from coulrophobia!

Join us at Thrillvania Haunted House Park for Opening Day Saturday September 27th, 2014. We will be waiting for you…..

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