Halloween characters all around you!

Halloween characters all around you!


Have you ever noticed that some people just naturally seem like Halloween characters? You may know some creepy people, but what if they’re really something else? You may have monsters surrounding you!

Your slacker friend who never gets out of bed until 5pm, and sucks you dry of money, always borrowing it and never paying you back. He might be a vampire.

The tall guy who doesn’t talk a lot. Kinda shuffles, has a really bad haircut. Remind you of Frankenstein?

Your cousin who is always cooking up weird meals and concoctions, and she recites poetry. She’s a witch!

The hairy guy who looks like he could tear you limb from limb. Kind of schizo–he’s a bully sometimes, but then he can be kind of cool . Could he be a weewolf?

That woman who’s afraid of UV rays and covers up in raggedy clothes head to toe, even when it’s 100 degrees outside. She has a lot of kids. She’s a mummy.

Your friend who disappears every so often, and then magically reappears in some totally different place. He’s a ghost.

That girl you’d do anything to avoid. Always wears a hoodie. Just call her the Grim Reaper!

Keep your eyes open for other ghouls!

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