Man’s Best Fiend?

Man’s Best Fiend?

images-4Well, of course you’re planning to dress up for Halloween. You’ve been planning and putting your costume together for months, right? If not, you can find plenty of last minute ideas.

But what about your pet? Are you planning to put a costume on Rover or Fluffy? And what does your pet think about that? Is he or she proud of all the attention? Or more like humiliated? Take a look at some of these adorable costumes, and maybe you’ll get inspired to include your pet in the Halloween festivities! Let’s hope your pet is willing to don a little Halloween outfit.  He or she might even win a contest! Bonus for you!
How about the spooky bat costume? Does this little guy look scary, or what




Scuba diving, anyone?



Since you love your pet, why not make him a Chia pet?


This Pikachu kitty just wants to hurry up and take a bath.

You know what this dog is thinking:“Do you realize how undignified I look, Mom?”

 If you play dress-up for Halloween, make sure to include your pet!

And join us this weekend at Thrillvania Haunted House Park  at 2330 County Rd 138, Terrell, Tx 75161 for thrills and chills…you’ll be glad you did!

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