Five Halloween Movies You Must See!

Five Halloween Movies You Must See!

Are you counting down the days to Halloween? Do have your spooktacular home decorations set up to terrify the whole neighborhood? Good. Costume? Check. Candy for the trick-or-treaters? Check? Creepy gross-out foods if you’re having a pre- or post- trick-or-treat party at your castle? Check! So to get you in the Halloween spirit, make sure you watch a few terrifying movies to get your heart pounding.


It goes without saying that this is the ultimate in Halloween movies. Stick to the original when we were first introduced to Michael Myers  and his frightening mask!



“It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

Ok, maybe it’s not so scary–even for the little ones–but it’s a Halloween tradition. Will Linus finally get to see the Great Pumpkin?


“Night of the Living Dead”

The old classic has zombies galore, and they’re relentless. Will the bickering group inside the farmhouse manage to barricade themselves in before they’re devoured?



InfectedPriest“28 Days Later”

After a virus wipes our most of the humans in the UK, a group of strangers try to flee from the zombies who are after fresh blood. The scariest thing about these zombies? They move fast. No shuffling zombies here–these will chase you down with their super-human speed!



“Shaun of the Dead”

It’s more funny than scary– you have to laugh at the bumbling friends who are trying to avoid getting infected by the zombies roaming the streets. And of course, if a zombie bites you, you’re one of them, so make sure you can trust those around you.

There are dozen more movies and TV shows to get you pumped for Halloween before you head to Thrillvania. What’s your favorite?

Join us this weekend at Thrillvania Haunted House Park  at 2330 County Rd 138, Terrell, Tx 75161 for Halloween thrills and chills!

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