Halloween Wreaths

Halloween Wreaths

Hanging wreaths on your door can be festive for any time of year, but Halloween is a great time to spice up your normal decorating routine.  Most craft stores sell foam circles that make creating your wreath super easy and fun.  You already have your circular base, and you can just attach whatever you would like! Here are a few super creepy wreath ideas!

Halloween Wreath

 Paint it Black

While you’re at the craft store, check out the black flowers they have.  Seriously!  You’ll find everything you need to make a stylish and dark door wreath.  Different kinds of black flowers, black ribbon, black feathers.  Couple that with some orange and you’ll be perfectly festive.  You’ll feel in the mood every time you come home.


What is it about dolls that can be really scary?  Maybe it’s that face that never stops staring at you.  Most craft stores will have doll’s faces for sale, or you might be able to find a whole lot of creepy old dolls at a thrift store.  All you have to do is attach the faces to the wreath base, and you might have the most frightening door in town.


Your Halloween Theme

Whether you’re into witches, zombies, spiders, or you have a favorite Halloween movie, there’s sure to be a theme specific to you that can help you with your Halloween wreath.  Pick your colors and some small figurines from the craft store to make your Halloween perfect for you!



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