Surprise Balloon Pumpkins

Surprise Balloon Pumpkins

This will definitely be the coolest way to hand out candy at Halloween.  Don’t bother looking any further.  The cauldron of candy is so last year.  A punch bowl?  Boring.  And please don’t tell me you were actually considering simply grabbing a couple of pieces straight out of the bag and handing them to each trick-or-treater who knocks at your door!  This is Halloween.  Have some fun!

For this awesome grab bag you’ll need orange balloons, some candy, a black sharpie, and (if you’re feeling really festive) green party fringe and some glue.  Take a few pieces of candy and stick them through the opening of the balloon, then blow it up like normal and tie it off.  Already, you have an awesome candy-filled balloon.  But don’t stop there!

Use your sharpie to draw spooky or ridiculous faces on the front of the balloon, just like a jack-o-lantern.  If you’re feeling really festive, or you have a whole lot of time on your hands, glue the green party fringe around the balloon’s knot and it will look even more like a pumpkin.

Now you have some absolutely amazing, candy-filled balloon pumpkins to wow your guests.  They’re also perfect for a kid’s party (or adults!) where you can lay out all the pumpkins in a “pumpkin patch” and let each child pick his or her favorite.

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