Easy Halloween Decorations

Easy Halloween Decorations

Even if you’re not having a Halloween party, dress up your home with ghoulish decorations to get into the season’s spirit! Try some inexpensive and easy ways to make your yard, porch or house look positively spooky.

imagesAll it takes is a little imagination and effort and a few items to transform your space into something Halloweeny. Load up at the craft store, then let your imagination run wild. Kids can help with decking the halls, too.

Remember the three Gs–glow sticks, glue and glitter! Glow sticks can decorate almost any surface. Just break them open and use the glowing liquid–it’s non-toxic–no, really

Don’t want to carve your pumpkins? You can just embellish them–no knife needed. Use the glow stick liquid to paint your pumpkin. Using a brush, paint a face, outline the ridges, or create your own design.

Use glue (the spray-on adhesive works great) to make your pumpkins sparkle. Then use black or iridescent glitter or sparkly “fairy dust” to cover the pumpkin’s surface, Shake off the extra glitter onto newspapers.

DIY-Fairy-Glow-Jars-ulle-Jar-Glow-Sticks-GroupFill a mason jar with about 1/2 of a stick of the glowing goo, add some glitter and fill it with water. The water actually keeps it glowing longer. If you want to go all out, spray the jars’ caps matte black. A few of these leading up to your doorstep will mark the way for trick-or-treaters.

You can also use glow sticks to light up balloons.Use plain white balloons, then snap the small thin glow stick (about the size of a drinking straw)  and place then in the balloon before you blow then up. Tie them off and use a permanent marker to paint ghostly faces on the balloons!


Don’t be a Halloween “scrooge”! Spruce you your place with some easy Halloween decorations.

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