DIY Halloween Costumes

DIY Halloween Costumes


Cher from “Clueless” costume




You’re only days away from Halloween–do you have your costume ready yet? Or are you one of those people that’s been feverishly working on a costume since last Christmas? There’s still some time to put something together that won’t be as lame as a white sheet with holes cut in it for eyes. Try these creative, sometimes “punny” Halloween costumes. Most are cheap, and only require a little imagination and a bit of planning.





Remember X-Files? You can go as agents Mulder and Scully! Suits, some badges, a red wig and you’re good to go.


Mulder and Scully


How about a puuny costume like this ceiling fan? Make use of those old pom-poms you’ve still in the back of your closet.


Ceiling Fan

Here’s another “punny” oostume that will take a little more planning. Brush with death! Get it?


Brush with Death

Here a simple couples costume–Bonnie and Clyde! You  might have most of these items in your closet..otherwise hit the thrift store.


Bonnie and Clyde

Remember, cardboard and paint are your friends when you’re planning a DIY Halloween costume. How about going as Google maps?


Google maps

Movie couples are always a good choice. And what guy doesn’t want to dress up as John Travolta,whether it’s “Grease” or “Pulp Fiction”.




There’s still time! Raid your closet, get creative and you can make a Halloween costume that is sure to be a hit.

Join us this weekend at Thrillvania Haunted House Park  at 2330 County Rd 138, Terrell, Tx 75161. And get going on your costume!

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