You Might Love Halloween If…

You Might Love Halloween If…

Halloween is the greatest time of the year, if you ask us, but how big a fan are you, really? If you agree with any of the questions below, you might just be a Halloween Fanatic. Tally your scores and see!

1) You don’t understand why candy corn isn’t always available.

2) You started planning your Halloween costume on Halloween… a whole year ago.

3) You have a Pinterest board devoted to your Halloween finds, and it’s always too big to accomplish everything.

4) You have multiple plans for parties, trick-or-treating, costume contests, and anything else you can think of!

5) You have a Halloween playlist, and you’ve been listening to it all month long.

6) You have a collection of Halloween decorations that you put out every year, and for some reason, they’re growing…

7) You had multiple pumpkin carving sessions this month, because you were so excited, you carved too early, and your first pumpkin died before Halloween.

8) You couldn’t possibly wear the same costume twice, but you have a collection of them, because they’re too awesome to throw away.

9) You know that Hocus Pocus is the best movie, ever.

10) You love haunted houses, and you’re planning on joining us at Thrillvania!!

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