It’s So Close!

It’s So Close!

Tomorrow is Halloween and you probably have it all ready. You have your costume. You have your perfect trick-or-treat course set out. You have your awesome party. You know all the tricks about how to use dry ice to make the party even better. You’ve got your Boo Berry Punch and your spider cookies and your white chocolate banana ghosts! You’ve carved the perfect pumpkin. You have as much party trivia about Halloween as you could possibly handle. You’re ready. You can hardly wait! It’s here in just one day!

If you’re like us, you’ve planned this month out completely, all in anticipation of Halloween night. Every movie, every craft session, every scare, was all leading up to this. And if you’re like us, you’re probably already thinking about next year’s costumes, about how you can go bigger, get scarier, go to even greater lengths than ever before, all for the sake of Halloween. Enjoy it! We sure have! Remember it’s not over quite yet!

Watch out for the ghouls in the Witching Hour, don’t crash too hard off of that sugar high. And join us at Thrillvania!

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