Get lucky on Friday the 13th!

Get lucky on Friday the 13th!

Friday the 13th. It’s a superstition that goes back to the 14th century–or even earlier. But are you the type of person to buy into all of that? It’s not really one of scariest days of the year, is it?

Cutting Edge Haunted HouseWhat about tax day? Or even the day after Thanksgiving—when you’re either trapped in the house eating Aunt Edna’s questionable “surprise casserole” leftovers, or braving the crowds at the mall, wresting over $99 dollar flat screen TVs! Eek! Run for your life!

Black cats, broken mirrors, hats on bed…things that go bump in the night? Are you scared of those, too? Of course not! And if you are, don’t admit it! Geez.

Fear of Friday the thirteen is know as paraskevidekatriaphobia. Try saying that 5 times fast. If you can’t pronounce it, you must not have it, right?

Friday the 13th is next Friday (one of three Fridays to fall on the 13th day this year). And what better way to celebrate than to throw caution to the wind, and dare to be scared at a terrifying haunted house? Face your fears!


Grab your lucky rabbit’s foot, and plan to have a terrifying, heart-pounding freaky good time with our fiends—um, friends–at Cutting Edge Haunted House next weekend—there’s a special show Friday the 13th, and Valentine’s Day–Saturday the 14th.

Be there–if you dare!


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