A Heart-stopping Valentine’s Day

A Heart-stopping Valentine’s Day


So, have you got your sweetie, family and friends Valentine’s Day gifts yet? No? Really? Shame on you! But there’s still time to get a gift that’s sure to turn someone’s heart inside out and upside down.


A killer Valentine’s Day gift is a visit to a Haunted House! Your significant other will be squealing with excitement, and the family will love the heart-pounding experience of Cutting Edge Haunted House…What better way to bring your loved ones together on this sweet-as-pie holiday than black roses, terrifying thrills and spooky things around every corner? Forget those cheesy and somewhat creepy chocolates at Wal-Mart or overpriced roses at the florist. Get on the ball, and be original!


Buy your tickets to the Haunted House at our friends at Cutting Edge,they’ve got a
supercaligfiendilicous show for you,  and you can be certain that your boo will be wrapped around you like a mummy’s bandages. Chop, chop–pun intended! Your family’s bond will be strengthened as you manage to get through the terrifying haunted house of horrors–just watch each others’ back!

Plan to have a terrifying, heart-pounding freaky good time with our fiends—um, friends–at Cutting Edge Haunted House this weekend on Valentine’s Day, Saturday the 14th. If you’re really feeling adventurous, take you chances and press your luck–they’re open Friday the 13th too!imgres


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