Bela Lugosi, Real Vampire?

Bela Lugosi, Real Vampire?

Bela Lugosi was by far the best bloodthirsty Dracula ever; no other actor even comes close. And he wasn’t even one of those cheesy sparkly vampires! When you think of Count Dracula, you think of Lugosi’s striking looks and debonair manner, not to mention his authentic Transylvanian accent. ”I vant to drink your blood!”Annex - Lugosi, Bela (Dracula)_02

But what about another Dracula actor, Max Schreck?  In the behind the scenes version of “Nosferatu” he played a secretive actor who just might have been the real thing. As the character of Dracula, he would only appear in full make-up and seemed to have an aversion to daylight and a lust for blood. Could he have been a  real vampire? The crew seemed to think so…he liked coffins too!

Sadly, Lugosi, the was never able to come out from under the shadow of Dracula–he was always typecast in horror movies, often times with second billing to Boris Karloff, the rival film star whom Lugosi considered a hack.


And Max Schreck? He faded into oblivion, possibly seeking out victims for his vampire desires. But Lugosi was famously buried in his cape, so was he the real thing too?

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