Top Ten Scariest Movies of All Time

Now that’s there’s a chill in the air (not really, this is Texas, but we can dream, can’t we?) we’re thinking about autumn and Halloween and scary stuff. To get you in the mood (97 degrees outside or not) we’ve gathered together the very best scary movies!

10) Psycho

Yes of course, the shower scene, blood or not, is terrifying. But so are Norman’s taxidermy and sandwiches. He might be a homicidal maniac with Mommy issues, but let it be a lesson to you: Stock up on Red Bull when you go on the lam so that you don’t get drowsy and have to stop at sketchy motels.

9) Mothman Prophecies

Based on a true story (always scary) this film features a town with strange occurrences that may be caused by aliens. Point Pleasant (!) has UFO sightings, ominous whispered voices and menacing winged creatures. Like most horror movies, you’re left with a slew of “What the…?” questions at the end, but the answers are all gruesome.

8) The Shining

The shiningA scary movie without a Werewolf, bloody elevators or a Kardashian? Yep. Cabin fever, scary women in bathtubs, axes, hallucinations, an open bar, typewriters.  You’ll never want to stay in a swanky hotel or room 237 ever again.

7) The Omen

Little kids are spooky even if they’re just drinking  juice boxes and hauling massive backpacks (what could possibly be in those things?). But Damien, the little darling of The Omen has some serious anger/revenge problems and weird telekinetic hate powers. Suddenly you’ll be scared of your 10-year-0ld nephew Kyle.

28 days thrillvania


6) 28 Days Later

Yeah, yeah zombies are scary, but most are slow and sluggish. If you don’t trip and fall like a little girl you’ll get away. No worries! But not so with the zombies in 28 Days Later. They will sprint like a thoroughbred and suck your brain out before you can say ‘Wes Craven’.

5) Shutter Island


A mental hospital on a deserted island? What could possibly go wrong? Radical treatments, locked doors. hurricanes. Sounds like fun! Leo DiCaprio plays the investigating U.S. marshal Teddy Daniels who starts to disintegrate mentally and emotionally. He is not “king of the world” this time.

4) Night of the Living Dead

The original quintessential zombie flick that creeps you out just because these undead monsters are so relentless. Like One Direction fans. And no matter how invincible you think you are, it’s always the case that you forgot to securely board up some random window. They will get inside and do that scary zombie-outstretched arm thing at you. And more!

3) The Blair Witch Project

If you were lucky enough to see this before all the hype, you could truly believe that it was a real video made by a trio of Scorsese wannabes who can’t even find their way out of a cluster of trees. Still, that last shot of the dude hanging on a meat hook or whatever will keep you from camping, glamping or playing hide-and-seek for a long time.



2) The Exorcist

Spinning heads, green vomit, that foreboding music; it’s all just a day in the life of a priest. Ack! Huddle in a corner with holy water ‘til it stops. Has anyone seen a spare rosary, yo? Be careful walking down those stairs….



1) Love, Actually

And finally, the most terrifying movie ever in the whole history of cinema is Love, Actually. Can you believe people cry like babies while watching this? Not only  is it threatening, it probably makes peoples’ heads explode—which is a hot mess, plus terrifying in its own right. Brains! Where’s my Mommy? Help! Eek!

There you have it, go to Netflix and stream some of these movies and you’re sure to feel all oogy. And be sure to visit Thrillvania which is way scarier than all of these films put together. Opens 10/1 !! Get you tickets now.

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