This Friday and Saturday, October 7th and 8th! Now open! Thrillvania Haunted House Park! Terror awaits at Thrillvania! Fifty acres of Haunted House Park Attractions. Do you dare to experience the three worlds of horror?

Thrillvania haunted house














Not for the faint of heart, thrill-seekers who have the courage will encounter a host of ghastly sights and sounds. Experience all three terrifying sites: The World Famous Verdun Manor, Cassandra’s Labyrinth of Terror, and Sam Hain’s Trail of Torment.


Hurry and buy your tickets. Friday will be the first night of this blood-curdling experience. Don’t miss it!

Thrillvania haunted house park


Bela Lugosi was by far the best bloodthirsty Dracula ever; no other actor even comes close. And he wasn’t even one of those cheesy sparkly vampires! When you think of Count Dracula, you think of Lugosi’s striking looks and debonair manner, not to mention his authentic Transylvanian accent. ”I vant to drink your blood!”Annex - Lugosi, Bela (Dracula)_02

But what about another Dracula actor, Max Schreck?  In the behind the scenes version of “Nosferatu” he played a secretive actor who just might have been the real thing. As the character of Dracula, he would only appear in full make-up and seemed to have an aversion to daylight and a lust for blood. Could he have been a  real vampire? The crew seemed to think so…he liked coffins too!

Sadly, Lugosi, the was never able to come out from under the shadow of Dracula–he was always typecast in horror movies, often times with second billing to Boris Karloff, the rival film star whom Lugosi considered a hack.


And Max Schreck? He faded into oblivion, possibly seeking out victims for his vampire desires. But Lugosi was famously buried in his cape, so was he the real thing too?

Thrillvania will have new chills and thrills later this year. But sure to keep an eye out for the schedule!


So, have you got your sweetie, family and friends Valentine’s Day gifts yet? No? Really? Shame on you! But there’s still time to get a gift that’s sure to turn someone’s heart inside out and upside down.


A killer Valentine’s Day gift is a visit to a Haunted House! Your significant other will be squealing with excitement, and the family will love the heart-pounding experience of Cutting Edge Haunted House…What better way to bring your loved ones together on this sweet-as-pie holiday than black roses, terrifying thrills and spooky things around every corner? Forget those cheesy and somewhat creepy chocolates at Wal-Mart or overpriced roses at the florist. Get on the ball, and be original!


Buy your tickets to the Haunted House at our friends at Cutting Edge,they’ve got a
supercaligfiendilicous show for you,  and you can be certain that your boo will be wrapped around you like a mummy’s bandages. Chop, chop–pun intended! Your family’s bond will be strengthened as you manage to get through the terrifying haunted house of horrors–just watch each others’ back!

Plan to have a terrifying, heart-pounding freaky good time with our fiends—um, friends–at Cutting Edge Haunted House this weekend on Valentine’s Day, Saturday the 14th. If you’re really feeling adventurous, take you chances and press your luck–they’re open Friday the 13th too!imgres


Friday the 13th. It’s a superstition that goes back to the 14th century–or even earlier. But are you the type of person to buy into all of that? It’s not really one of scariest days of the year, is it?

Cutting Edge Haunted HouseWhat about tax day? Or even the day after Thanksgiving—when you’re either trapped in the house eating Aunt Edna’s questionable “surprise casserole” leftovers, or braving the crowds at the mall, wresting over $99 dollar flat screen TVs! Eek! Run for your life!

Black cats, broken mirrors, hats on bed…things that go bump in the night? Are you scared of those, too? Of course not! And if you are, don’t admit it! Geez.

Fear of Friday the thirteen is know as paraskevidekatriaphobia. Try saying that 5 times fast. If you can’t pronounce it, you must not have it, right?

Friday the 13th is next Friday (one of three Fridays to fall on the 13th day this year). And what better way to celebrate than to throw caution to the wind, and dare to be scared at a terrifying haunted house? Face your fears!


Grab your lucky rabbit’s foot, and plan to have a terrifying, heart-pounding freaky good time with our fiends—um, friends–at Cutting Edge Haunted House next weekend—there’s a special show Friday the 13th, and Valentine’s Day–Saturday the 14th.

Be there–if you dare!


Tomorrow is Halloween and you probably have it all ready. You have your costume. You have your perfect trick-or-treat course set out. You have your awesome party. You know all the tricks about how to use dry ice to make the party even better. You’ve got your Boo Berry Punch and your spider cookies and your white chocolate banana ghosts! You’ve carved the perfect pumpkin. You have as much party trivia about Halloween as you could possibly handle. You’re ready. You can hardly wait! It’s here in just one day!

If you’re like us, you’ve planned this month out completely, all in anticipation of Halloween night. Every movie, every craft session, every scare, was all leading up to this. And if you’re like us, you’re probably already thinking about next year’s costumes, about how you can go bigger, get scarier, go to even greater lengths than ever before, all for the sake of Halloween. Enjoy it! We sure have! Remember it’s not over quite yet!

Watch out for the ghouls in the Witching Hour, don’t crash too hard off of that sugar high. And join us at Thrillvania!