imagesDo you have a name for the night before Halloween? You know, it’s like, tomorrow? Most people don’t have a special term for the night before Halloween. But in the past, it was almost as big as Halloween itself.

(Way) back in the day, probably in the 1940s, it became a day for playing “tricks” while Halloween itself was reserved for gathering “treats.”

Sometimes known as mischief night, or cabbage night...or gate night, trick night, goosy night or mat night. Which name you use depends on where you live. The tradition started in Britain, so these have even more names for it: tick-tack night, corn night, trick night or micky night.



And then depending on your name for it, or where you live, mischief night has even very particular kinds of mischief that goes on:

Cabbage Night in parts of the northeastern United States, where rotten vegetables are collected and left on porch stoops or smeared on doors and windows.

Mat Night  where kids steal doormats and switch them with the neighbors’. (!)

Gate Night, in the Midwest, where farmer’s gates are opened, leaving livestock to roam free.

Other popular pranks include the toilet-papering of homes and trees, soaping cars and windows and pumpkin smashing.

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Halloween is the greatest time of the year, if you ask us, but how big a fan are you, really? If you agree with any of the questions below, you might just be a Halloween Fanatic. Tally your scores and see!

1) You don’t understand why candy corn isn’t always available.

2) You started planning your Halloween costume on Halloween… a whole year ago.

3) You have a Pinterest board devoted to your Halloween finds, and it’s always too big to accomplish everything.

4) You have multiple plans for parties, trick-or-treating, costume contests, and anything else you can think of!

5) You have a Halloween playlist, and you’ve been listening to it all month long.

6) You have a collection of Halloween decorations that you put out every year, and for some reason, they’re growing…

7) You had multiple pumpkin carving sessions this month, because you were so excited, you carved too early, and your first pumpkin died before Halloween.

8) You couldn’t possibly wear the same costume twice, but you have a collection of them, because they’re too awesome to throw away.

9) You know that Hocus Pocus is the best movie, ever.

10) You love haunted houses, and you’re planning on joining us at Thrillvania!!


Cher from “Clueless” costume




You’re only days away from Halloween–do you have your costume ready yet? Or are you one of those people that’s been feverishly working on a costume since last Christmas? There’s still some time to put something together that won’t be as lame as a white sheet with holes cut in it for eyes. Try these creative, sometimes “punny” Halloween costumes. Most are cheap, and only require a little imagination and a bit of planning.





Remember X-Files? You can go as agents Mulder and Scully! Suits, some badges, a red wig and you’re good to go.


Mulder and Scully


How about a puuny costume like this ceiling fan? Make use of those old pom-poms you’ve still in the back of your closet.


Ceiling Fan

Here’s another “punny” oostume that will take a little more planning. Brush with death! Get it?


Brush with Death

Here a simple couples costume–Bonnie and Clyde! You  might have most of these items in your closet..otherwise hit the thrift store.


Bonnie and Clyde

Remember, cardboard and paint are your friends when you’re planning a DIY Halloween costume. How about going as Google maps?


Google maps

Movie couples are always a good choice. And what guy doesn’t want to dress up as John Travolta,whether it’s “Grease” or “Pulp Fiction”.




There’s still time! Raid your closet, get creative and you can make a Halloween costume that is sure to be a hit.

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Even if you’re not having a Halloween party, dress up your home with ghoulish decorations to get into the season’s spirit! Try some inexpensive and easy ways to make your yard, porch or house look positively spooky.

imagesAll it takes is a little imagination and effort and a few items to transform your space into something Halloweeny. Load up at the craft store, then let your imagination run wild. Kids can help with decking the halls, too.

Remember the three Gs–glow sticks, glue and glitter! Glow sticks can decorate almost any surface. Just break them open and use the glowing liquid–it’s non-toxic–no, really

Don’t want to carve your pumpkins? You can just embellish them–no knife needed. Use the glow stick liquid to paint your pumpkin. Using a brush, paint a face, outline the ridges, or create your own design.

Use glue (the spray-on adhesive works great) to make your pumpkins sparkle. Then use black or iridescent glitter or sparkly “fairy dust” to cover the pumpkin’s surface, Shake off the extra glitter onto newspapers.

DIY-Fairy-Glow-Jars-ulle-Jar-Glow-Sticks-GroupFill a mason jar with about 1/2 of a stick of the glowing goo, add some glitter and fill it with water. The water actually keeps it glowing longer. If you want to go all out, spray the jars’ caps matte black. A few of these leading up to your doorstep will mark the way for trick-or-treaters.

You can also use glow sticks to light up balloons.Use plain white balloons, then snap the small thin glow stick (about the size of a drinking straw)  and place then in the balloon before you blow then up. Tie them off and use a permanent marker to paint ghostly faces on the balloons!


Don’t be a Halloween “scrooge”! Spruce you your place with some easy Halloween decorations.

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This will definitely be the coolest way to hand out candy at Halloween.  Don’t bother looking any further.  The cauldron of candy is so last year.  A punch bowl?  Boring.  And please don’t tell me you were actually considering simply grabbing a couple of pieces straight out of the bag and handing them to each trick-or-treater who knocks at your door!  This is Halloween.  Have some fun!

For this awesome grab bag you’ll need orange balloons, some candy, a black sharpie, and (if you’re feeling really festive) green party fringe and some glue.  Take a few pieces of candy and stick them through the opening of the balloon, then blow it up like normal and tie it off.  Already, you have an awesome candy-filled balloon.  But don’t stop there!

Use your sharpie to draw spooky or ridiculous faces on the front of the balloon, just like a jack-o-lantern.  If you’re feeling really festive, or you have a whole lot of time on your hands, glue the green party fringe around the balloon’s knot and it will look even more like a pumpkin.

Now you have some absolutely amazing, candy-filled balloon pumpkins to wow your guests.  They’re also perfect for a kid’s party (or adults!) where you can lay out all the pumpkins in a “pumpkin patch” and let each child pick his or her favorite.

Blog-OZ-blue-monkey-and-witchWhile The Wizard of Oz” may not be an official “Halloween” movie, it’s plenty scary (at least for the kiddos) all the same. Who isn’t afraid of evil flying monkeys?! And the Wicked Witch was so scary that children were not allowed to see it in some parts of the country.

Voted the” Most Loved Movie of All Time”, the film was not a box-office flop when it was first released, as some have said. It’s been popular since it was released way back in 1939. This film’s 75th anniversary was this year!

Here are nine fun facts that you may not know about “The Wizard of Oz”!

1) If you start the movie at the third roar of the MGM lion, and you begin playing “Dark Side of the Moon” by Pink Floyd, the music synchs up amazingly well. Of course you have to turn the movie’s sound off. It matches up so eerily that David Gilmour from Pink Floyd has been asked if he created the album with ‘Wizard of Oz ‘ in mind. He denies it. But try it yourself!


2) The Tin Man was originally cast as Buddy Ebsen (famous for his role as Jed Clampett in the Beverly Hillbillies) but he had to be recast because he was horribly allergic to the silver paint that the Tin Man wore.

3) Terry, the dog that played Toto was actually a girl, and was paid $125 per week. 

4) Many of the flying monkeys were injured on set because the piano wire holding them afloat broke.

5) The tears that the Tin Man cried were chocolate syrup!

6) The green horses at the Wizard’s castle were dyed with green Jell-O powder. The scene had to filmed quickly because the horses licked it off.


7) In the book, “Wicked”, you learn that the Wicked Witch of the West wasn’t really so bad, she had a broken heart. Glinda was the one who caused her misery, which is why she and the Good Witch were such archenemies. The Wicked Witch’s name is  Elphaba.

8) The Cowardly Lion’s costume was made of real lion pelts.

9) Shirley Temple was considered for the role of Dorothy before Judy Garland was cast.


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