Hanging wreaths on your door can be festive for any time of year, but Halloween is a great time to spice up your normal decorating routine.  Most craft stores sell foam circles that make creating your wreath super easy and fun.  You already have your circular base, and you can just attach whatever you would like! Here are a few super creepy wreath ideas!

Halloween Wreath

 Paint it Black

While you’re at the craft store, check out the black flowers they have.  Seriously!  You’ll find everything you need to make a stylish and dark door wreath.  Different kinds of black flowers, black ribbon, black feathers.  Couple that with some orange and you’ll be perfectly festive.  You’ll feel in the mood every time you come home.


What is it about dolls that can be really scary?  Maybe it’s that face that never stops staring at you.  Most craft stores will have doll’s faces for sale, or you might be able to find a whole lot of creepy old dolls at a thrift store.  All you have to do is attach the faces to the wreath base, and you might have the most frightening door in town.


Your Halloween Theme

Whether you’re into witches, zombies, spiders, or you have a favorite Halloween movie, there’s sure to be a theme specific to you that can help you with your Halloween wreath.  Pick your colors and some small figurines from the craft store to make your Halloween perfect for you!



Thrillvania Haunted House Park open this Friday 10/24 and Saturday 10/25. Come out and have a spooktacular time!!

Are you counting down the days to Halloween? Do have your spooktacular home decorations set up to terrify the whole neighborhood? Good. Costume? Check. Candy for the trick-or-treaters? Check? Creepy gross-out foods if you’re having a pre- or post- trick-or-treat party at your castle? Check! So to get you in the Halloween spirit, make sure you watch a few terrifying movies to get your heart pounding.


It goes without saying that this is the ultimate in Halloween movies. Stick to the original when we were first introduced to Michael Myers  and his frightening mask!



“It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

Ok, maybe it’s not so scary–even for the little ones–but it’s a Halloween tradition. Will Linus finally get to see the Great Pumpkin?


“Night of the Living Dead”

The old classic has zombies galore, and they’re relentless. Will the bickering group inside the farmhouse manage to barricade themselves in before they’re devoured?



InfectedPriest“28 Days Later”

After a virus wipes our most of the humans in the UK, a group of strangers try to flee from the zombies who are after fresh blood. The scariest thing about these zombies? They move fast. No shuffling zombies here–these will chase you down with their super-human speed!



“Shaun of the Dead”

It’s more funny than scary– you have to laugh at the bumbling friends who are trying to avoid getting infected by the zombies roaming the streets. And of course, if a zombie bites you, you’re one of them, so make sure you can trust those around you.

There are dozen more movies and TV shows to get you pumped for Halloween before you head to Thrillvania. What’s your favorite?

Join us this weekend at Thrillvania Haunted House Park  at 2330 County Rd 138, Terrell, Tx 75161 for Halloween thrills and chills!

493421You can’t have enough frightening Halloween goodies–and there are so many recipes to create creepy treats.  Party guests will do a double take at these mice before devouring the cute little rodents! You’ll need:

4 ounces of semisweet chocolate
1/3 cup of very cold sour cream
1 cup chocolate cookie crumbs
1/3 cup each of chocolate cookie crumbs and powdered sugar
pink icing (optional)
Silver little round silver cake decorating candy
1/4 cup sliced almonds
Thin red or black  licorice vines


Make the mousies!:

Melt the chocolate, and add in the sour cream. Stir in 1 cup chocolate cookie crumbs. Put in the fridge until firm.

Roll by tablespoonfuls into balls. Mold to a slight point at one end for the little face and nose.

Roll half of dough in powdered sugar (for white mice), and half in the chocolate cookie crumbs (for dark mice).

On each mouse, place the silver candies for eyes, almond slices for ears, and a licorice string for the tail. Add a spot of pink icing for the little nose. 

Refrigerate for at least two hours, and serve!

Join us this weekend at Thrillvania Haunted House Park  at 2330 County Rd 138, Terrell, Tx 75161 for Halloween thrills and chills!


Do you believe in things like omens and the supernatural? Do you avoid black cats, walking under ladders, and broken mirrors? Most superstations and omens (of good luck or bad) have some story behind them that dates back many years. Do you believe in good luck charms? Can you tell your future by going to see a fortune teller, or maybe having your palm or Tarot cards read? You’re not alone—almost everyone believes on some kind of ju-ju….Here are the legends behind some popular superstitions.

Black cats have long been believed to be a bad omen, (But not in the UK–they are seen as good luck there!) Black cats got their bad reputation during the witch-hunts of the middle ages–all cats were thought to be connected to evil.


Our far-back ancestors believed that the image in a mirror held our actual soul. A broken mirror represented the soul being torn apart from your body. To break the spell, legend has it that you must wait seven hours (one for each year of bad luck) before picking up the broken pieces, and burying them outside in the moonlight.

Criminals were hung from the top rung of a ladder in ancient times, and their spirits were believed to linger underneath. That’s why some say it’s bad luck to walk beneath a ladder—because you pass through the triangle of evil ghosts and spirits.

Seeing an owl in the daylight means bad luck will befall you.


Salt was a rare commodity long long ago, and it was thought to have magical powers. It was unlucky to spill salt and said to foretell family misfortune. Common superstitions say that if you throw the spilled salt over your shoulder, the spell will be lifted.

Sparrows are thought to carry the souls of the dead and it is believed to bring bad luck if you kill one.

Keep our eyes peeled for signs of bad luck! And join us this weekend at Thrillvania Haunted House Park  at 2330 County Rd 138, Terrell, Tx 75161 for thrills and chills,

images-4Well, of course you’re planning to dress up for Halloween. You’ve been planning and putting your costume together for months, right? If not, you can find plenty of last minute ideas.

But what about your pet? Are you planning to put a costume on Rover or Fluffy? And what does your pet think about that? Is he or she proud of all the attention? Or more like humiliated? Take a look at some of these adorable costumes, and maybe you’ll get inspired to include your pet in the Halloween festivities! Let’s hope your pet is willing to don a little Halloween outfit.  He or she might even win a contest! Bonus for you!
How about the spooky bat costume? Does this little guy look scary, or what




Scuba diving, anyone?



Since you love your pet, why not make him a Chia pet?


This Pikachu kitty just wants to hurry up and take a bath.

You know what this dog is thinking:“Do you realize how undignified I look, Mom?”

 If you play dress-up for Halloween, make sure to include your pet!

And join us this weekend at Thrillvania Haunted House Park  at 2330 County Rd 138, Terrell, Tx 75161 for thrills and chills…you’ll be glad you did!

bat_vampire_GNUNo one can say for sure if vampires really turn into  bats and fly away when they’re discovered, but vampire bats do exist! There are several other kinds of fruit-eating bats; these are the kind that you see in North America. They might look creepy, but they’re not bloodsuckers. Admit it, if a bat swooped over yuor head, you’d scream like a little girl! EEK!

But vampire bats are real! They actually do live off a diet of nothing but blood. They only come out at night to feed, live in dark places, and they hang upside down to sleep –that sounds eerily like a vampire. doesn’t it?

Bats use echo-location to find their way around. Vampire bats live in small colonies, and at dusk, they emerge from their hiding places to hunt for blood. Not human blood! Certain types of bats will bite and drink the blood of cows or other sleeping animals. They have fangs that can bite through skin so they can lap up blood from the wound. Since bats need blood to survive every couple of days, if a bat hasn’t eaten, one of its bat family members will give the bat a ‘transfusion’. One bat will give blood from their mouth to the other’s so it looks like they’re kissing.

Did you know that bats are the only flying mammals? Well, not the only ones–if you count vampires and witches, they’re one of three flying mammals.

Bats can live to be 20 years old or more in captivity. At the Bat Conservation Center, there’s a 30-year old bat named ‘Barnabus’, so he’s older than many of our guests at Thrillvania.


One of the largest bat colonies is in Texas. Austin is the home to about 2 million bats that live under the Congress bridge .It’s a spooky sight when they all come out at night. No worries about those bats though, these are fruit eating bats, and not vampires. But you never know…what if  there really are vampire bats that suck humans’ blood and transform their victims into vampires?…

Join us this weekend at Thrillvania Haunted House Park  2330 County Rd 138, Terrell, Tx 75161. And keep your eye out for those little blood-sucking creatures..