Sometimes you just have to go all-out with the creepy treats at Halloween. Sure those Halloween party foods look a little scary, but you might as well join in the fun and sample some frightening snacks! Get a look at these these easy  eyeball goodies!

Bloodshot Peanut Butter Eyeballs

To make these, stir together one half-cup of  peanut butter, gradually adding 1 cup of sifted powdered sugar, stirring until it makes a creamy paste. Shape into 1-inch balls.

Put them on a sheet of waxed paper and let them dry for about an hour. Melt 8 ounces of vanilla white candy coating (you can also use white chocolate) in a heavy saucepan. Stir constantly on low heat until smooth. Cool slightly, making sure the coating is still liquid. Dip peanut butter balls into candy coating, one at a time, making sure to cover the whole surface. Let you eyeballs stand until the candy coating  is firm.


Paint red food coloring on the coated peanut butter balls to look like bloodshot eyes, and then use raisins or place on small dots of black icing in the center or the pupils. You can also use brown or blue M&M’s.


Place on a tray and you’re good to go!

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Thrillvania Haunted House

What could be a more perfect prelude to Halloween?  Goblins all over the US are eagerly waiting the “blood moon”  that will be visible this week. The red-hued moon will appear in the sky early this Wednesday morning…very early…so set your alarm clocks for about 5 a.m. if you want to see this spooky sight.

According to NASA, the full eclipse will start at 5:25 a.m. CST and last until 6:24 a.m. CST on October 8th.Weather permitting, one of the best places to see it will be Texas and the Dallas area, so we’re in luck and ready for a front row seat.


The creepy color comes from the edges of the sun peeking out around the periphery of the Earth,  creating a global sunset shining on the moon. The planets have to align in just the right position for the rays to illuminate the moon. This lunar eclipse is rare, even more so that the moon will appear even larger than normal, making it that much more impressive.

Werewolves are sure to be howling as the red moon sets!

Superstitions abound surrounding the red moon. Many people think it’s a bad omen, but that’s just a superstition. But blood moons may bring out the werewolves and ghosts, so keep an eye out for anything strange that you might encounter on Tuesday night, as the blood moon approaches!

Mark you calendar for the blood moon later this week, and visit us this weekend at Thrillvania Haunted House Park.


Do like Halloween jokes about ghouls and goblins?? Monsters won’t be the only ones groaning at these corny jokes and riddles!

What did the skeleton say to the vampire?
You suck.

What did Godzilla have at the all-you-can-eat buffet?
The waiters.

“Mommy, everyone says I look like a werewolf.”
“Please be quiet and comb your face.”

When is it bad luck to be followed by a black cat?
When you’re a mouse.

What do vampires take when they are sick?
Coffin drops!

What do you call a ghost in a torn sheet?
A holy terror.

What goes “Ha-ha-ha . . . THUD!”
A zombie laughing his head off.

What do you get if you cross a snowman with a vampire?

What’s a haunted chicken?
A poultry-geist!

Two monsters went to a party. Suddenly one said to the other, “A lady just rolled her eyes at me. What should I do?”
“Be a gentleman and roll them back to her.”

Why are vampires like false teeth?
Because they both come out at night. 

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Scared of spiders? Me, too. What a perfect thing to use for a prank, right? Grab some of those bags of plastic spiders and have at it. Here are some great spider ideas for your halloween. Scare your friends and even yourself with these pranks.



Spider in an ice cube. An oldie, but a goodie. Find some small plastic spiders, or other bugs, and put them in an ice tray so that your guests will find spiders floating in their next drink.


Spider chocolate chip cookies. Make a normal batch of chocolate chip cookies, and when they are melted, but not finished baking, take the tray out of the oven and use a toothpick to pull strands of chocolate chips away from the center of the chip, making the “legs”. It will look like tiny spiders have been baked into your cookies. Gross!


Spiders on your head! Glue a plastic spider onto a barrette and your friends will freak out every time they see you, thinking you have a creepy crawly on your head!

Have a creepy crawly week, and visit us this weekend at Thrillvania Haunted House Park  2330 County Rd 138, Terrell, Tx 75161.


Pumpkin carving is one of the best things about Halloween (right up there with candy and costumes)! It is a great family activity because it is fun at any age. And the results of a doorstep lined with creepy pumpkin faces can’t be beat! Here are a two tips for your pumpkins so that you can have the creepiest stoop in town.

No teapot lids!
Most of us will carve a hole into the pumpkin around the stem that will later become a lid. Instead, make your hole at the base of the pumpkin. This will give your pumpkin a flat base, make it easier to carve out the seeds, and will make lighting a candle easy!

Start with a drawing and a toothpick.



Around this time, many stores will start carrying pumpkin carving kits. Unless you need that saw it has, you don’t need a kit. Print out (or draw!) any picture you like and tape it to the front of your pumpkin. Then use a toothpick to to put small holes on all the lines you’ll need. No frustrating pencil marks or leftover pen on your pumpkin! You can be as creative as you want or just stick to the traditional pumpkin face. Most of all just have fun carving your pumpkins!



Join us this weekend at Thrillvania Haunted House Park  2330 County Rd 138, Terrell, Tx 75161. You can pick up a pumpkin to carve while you’re there!!


A great Halloween party can’t be truly ghoulish without Halloween-themed  party food. Try these easy and healthful Vampire teeth treats.

You’ll need:

4 apples, 2 Granny Smith and 2 Macintosh. Try to pick apples that are round and have no blemishes on the skin

A bag of slivered almonds

1 Tablespoon  of lemon juice

Use a sharp paring knife to core and quarter the apples. Cut a lengthwise wedge from the skin side of each apple quarter, leaving the peel around the wedge. Cut them in a shape so that they look like a pair of lips. Rub the lemon juice on the insides of the cut portions of the apple quarters to prevent discoloration 

Poke 5 or 6 slivered almonds into the top and bottom of the cut-out area to make snaggly teeth. Use extra-big pieces of almond to look like fangs.

Enjoy your treats before your spooky visit  to Thrillvania Haunted House Park. Who knows what awaits you there?….